Your Needs...

Your Needs...  


Pictured - Janell Marie

Photo: Janell Marie


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but there’s someone out there who’s got what you need.


It’s so tempting to Google “how to —” and try to DIY your way through life. I’ve been guilty of that before. I’ve studied many subjects to try and fulfill a gap based on an urgent need. It usually works out temporarily, but it never comes as easy to me as it does to someone operating within their gifting.


I know I’m not a blog writer. Grammar and punctuation are rarely considered when I write (as I’m sure you’ve noticed over the years. lol)


I’m a songwriter, which shorthand and flexible punctuation fit perfectly with. 


But these emails...😅


Yea…. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that someone saw my need, and instead of pointing out all the things that were wrong, she offered to assist. This dope writer is Janell Marie. She’s so intuitive, clear and concise with her writing. Everything she writes makes for an enjoyable read. Here’s a great post she wrote about fear: 


Go ahead. Read this short blog.


And make sure you thank her for making my emails a more tolerable read. 😆   


P.S. I have big plans to share with you guys! More music drops this month. No cap.


- Rochelle Bloom 



Hands down, this is the best streaming radio service! 

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