A3C Recap…

A3C Recap…

What to do, what to do, what to do…

Some of my people’s from Indiana were in town for a3C weekend & hit

me so I decided to go out that weekend.

I definitely knew I had to go to WFRG “the Remix”,

 they are A1 & always support me.

Plus there’s always dope people I like to link

with and network with while I’m there.

But for all things other that have to do with A3C personally

I know my time, energy and money is better spent else

where but I knew they needed to be out because it’s just a part of the music experience.

I’m all in and I’ve been all in and I’m straight ready to do this. I’m starting to notice that a lot of people in my life are starting to be distractions.

The fact that people were constantly quitting and living in disbelief I began to realize that this was a distraction.

If you can be ok with mediocrity and average and living an

average life you don’t need to be around me.

I just operate on a total complete different level most can’t comprehend

and on the flip side I can’t comprehend average thought and talk that they do.

I’m just ready to get around some people who get it.

I don’t know when it’s going to happen but going to continue to do my best until it does.

I’m going to continue to trust God and myself and not worry about what everyone is doing around me.

Because it’ a reason my wiring is the way it is.

It doesn’t make much sense now but I’m believing in a

year or 2 it will…


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