Covid 19 Life

Covid 19 Life...Will you Win?


God is good. All the endurance and situations not happening all makes since now. If God had allowed all that I wanted to happen happen in last 9 months I would have been real messed up because of the whole corona thing.


You know it was weird…I was about to get into a new situation that I logically thought it would be good but I couldn’t figure out why I was getting these crazy intense stress headaches through the whole situation, and now I’m glad the situation didn’t pan out.


And it reminded me that you have to pay attention your physicality sometimes it will instinctually tell you where to go.  


Covid may have shift circumstances but my vision is still 8xGrammys and the prosperity is still there.  I’m starting to understand that the greatest goal isn’t mastering a skill set. It’s mastering yourself, because before you master a skill you have know yourself and find away to master personal short comings or posturing them in a way that will be beneficial to your progression.


It starts with surrender and then you can start taking steps. I finally surrendered being on social media and now I can began to find what’s going to work for me. Life doesn’t present you with the entire road map, it just gives you the destination and the next step.


Just focus on the next step.


I realized I had to get rid of all this crooked paths. I’m not a blogger, or any other of these media things. I did these things because I listened to advice of others as doing this as subtle way of getting my music off to people.  


It’s all or nothing and that’s all it’s ever going to be. So I had to get focused on that.


During this covid season I got rid of all distractions. I gave up social media and then went without tv for the past month or so.


That freed me up to write. I did a lot of intentional writing rhymes, practicing and learning. When you have something prosperous growing inside you, one must learn to prune it, feed it and water it. That was this whole process.  


Also the freedom of distractions allowed me to read more. I’ve read some new songwriting books, fiction, and auto biography’s of inspiring people and of course the bible which I continue to read an hour everyday. I believe reading is often the route leading to the next step.


I also started piano lessons and started learning different production software to better my overall musicality to progress my rapping even more. And on some none music stuff, I started investing my money in the stock market…I already made $6,000.

The way I see it that you’re going to come out this thing in 2 ways. You can already see the direction I’m about to come out in…How are you coming out of this?




I’m official done with Twitter, FB, and IG. If you need to connect with me hit my line or shoot me an email. We have to find a different way to connect.


           - Rochelle Bloom

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