I Met Deontay Wilder...

I met Deontay Wilder, a world heavy weight boxing champion, who successfully defended he's title 10x. 


We had a deep interesting conversation that I think will remain with me forever.

We began talking about the world of entertainment and he started speaking about how he feels different in the way he sees and goes about things and doesn't feel like he fits in. 


He was saying things that I personally think about myself but never say aloud. I thought to myself, is this what greatness looks like, is this what it feels like?

Then he looked me in my eyes and said. Finding success is the easy part, the real work is staying successful, that's the hard part. 


Then my mind took a journey...I never really plotted out what staying successful looks like to me. I need to figure out what that means in my realm of music. 


As I begin to map out what staying successful looks like to me, I want to introduce you to my new single "Game Time" a perfect record released right before the Super bowl. 


Deontay seemed to like the record. Hopefully you will too!


Lisen Here: https://rochellebloom.com/gametime





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