I thought I'd just provide a little break down of what my new song Gang Gang means...So here it is!


Gang Gang” is, who you down for and who’s down for you.  In the first verse I talk about how my wealth is continuous,

but they do things this way


and I walk with Him although I once ran with them


and the world is full of voices you get to choose the ones you listen to.


Every season we have the opportunity to use our emotions as seeds and when people produce rotten fruit they blame someone else for their failed produce.


On the 2nd verse I talk about how

Breaking up people’s family is a dangerous sport,


( I know people who not just got hurt from it but died from it. And if you are on the other end, keeping some wits about yourself is unfamiliar but the best way to handle things. )  

“Wicked twisting truth”

( I have never in my life seen soooo much deception all around. It’s so interesting and funny now cause I see it. I see how people will get you to respond “yes” or “right” to a couple questions and then bend the truth just a little in an attempt to get you to still agree with false narratives. That’s the more tricky stuff. 

But If people in our American culture don’t know and can’t define what a woman is, we can't even get to that when people don’t know what basic math is.   


“These wicker chairs are wood”


People will seat you in deception.   


“Practice patience let patience have its perfect peace.”  


When you are operating in complete patience you are in absence of worry and therefore should be at complete peace. If you are not in complete peace chances are you are not practicing patience.

Then the record goes back to talking about who I’m down for. Any other lyrics I’ll just leave them up to you for artistic interpretations.


So after reading all that I’m sure you want to hear the record now or (again)!

Listen Here:




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