My toxic trait...

My Toxic Trait...



My toxic trait is making excuses for people.


I’ve been thinking a lot about family stuff recently, about things people have done and said to me that are so wild I felt I had to keep them private.


I didn’t even address things with the offender, just swept everything under the rug and kept it pushin’. 


I guess this was my way of being protective.


Come to think of it, I probably let things slide because I didn’t think their ignorance should be called out. 


I didn’t see the point of causing drama for no reason. But the reality is holding people accountable is never without purpose. It exposes blind spots and (hopefully) helps us grow. 


I feel like my next couple of projects will reflect this shift in thought about accountability. 


Things will be a little more raw and a lot more honest. I’m keeping the family stuff under the bed until it's time ‘cause I still have some crazy ways of my own that I’m trying to work out. I wouldn’t feel right rapping about the truth around me when I’ve yet to call out my own truth.



My perception how things are is warped. I don't understand why my mind think thoughts I know is not true. But if you want to go further in depth about it, my latest collaboration with Rez León titled "Delusional P2" is below.



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