Guess Who Invested 14K...


Guess Who Invested 14K...

Yea so since you’re a part of this journey I need to keep it open and honest with you.

No one knows what to do. I don’t either.

I just invested 14k in Radio & Online adverts for my new record “Stay”

After have given away 10k, it took hot little minute to reup money to invest in my vision but before I focused on me,

I invested in people’s Businesses, Apps, Careers, Films, ect not for an ROI though. You don’t have to wait to be wealthy to assist in someone else vision.

I get to design my own life and with in that I can also design surrounding circumstances that can impact someone else’s.

I constantly feel like I don’t have enough pieces in my puzzle. But that doesn’t stop me from moving with the pieces I do have. The character of God is making up what you lack.

But again, no one knows what to do. I don’t either.

But what I do know is…home run hitter’s swing….

I’ll keep you all updated over the next 3 months as my music begins to be exposed to more.


Be on the look out for the next email. Releasing the live performance video of my single "Stay" this week!

     - Rochelle Bloom .


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